Patch ‘N Go™ (8010-TR)

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  • High Performance Patching Compound Designed to Fill Holes, Spalls, and Depressions in Concrete
  • Exhibits Excellent Durability
  • Can be Applied Above or Below Grade
  • Fast Return to Service*
  • 100% Solids Polymer with Little to No Shrinkage
  • Environmentally Friendly; No Solvents
  • Two Component Formulation with 1-1 Mix Ratio
  • Color:  Lt. Gray
  • *Working time is dependent upon temperature and humidity
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Product Description

PATCH ‘N GO (DYNA-PUR 8010TR) is a trowel-able grade of 100% solids polyurethane that has been formulated as a high performance floor repair compound. After using PATCH ‘N GO to fill in the repair area, a concrete grinder can be used in 15 minutes, if desired. The Repair can be driven-on in 1 Hour. PATCH ‘N GO can be used for interior applications without top-coating or exterior applications with the application of a topcoat. PATCH ‘N GO is viscous enough for trowel application, but will also self-level in most applications.

PATCH ‘N GO (DYNA-PUR 8010TR) has a 1 to 1 mix ratio of Iso to Resin. PATCH ‘N GO is available in various sizes: 2 Quart Kits, 2 Gallon Kits; 10 Gallon Kits, and Drum Sets (Call +1 (413) 284-0000 or Contact Us to Order Drum Sets).

Recommended Uses (Examples)
Cold Storage Areas Landscape Ponds
Concrete Decks Man Hole Restoration
Concrete Restoration Parking Structure Repairs
Crack Filler Pool Concrete Repairs
Equipment Wash-Down Areas Secondary Containment Areas
Fish Hatcheries Select Fuel Storage and Containment
Fish Ponds Tank Linings
Foundation Coatings Tractor Trailer Floors
Garage Floor Coating Truck Freight Ramps
Laboratory Floors Tunnels

Application Equipment Required:

  • Mason’s Trowel, plastic type (Depending upon application)
  • Measuring and mixing containers
  • Stirring equipment and stirring sticks
  • Acetone for clean up

Additional Information:

An aliphatic top coat is recommended to enhance exterior performance.
Be Sure to Read and Understand All Instructions Prior to Starting Application.

Technical Specifications

Product Information Sheet: Contains Technical Data and Usage/Application Information. (Download)

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Demonstration of Patch ‘N Go™ (8010-TR) Installation

Patch ‘N Go allows the repair area to be returned to normal service very quickly. Typically Grind-able in 15 mins and Drive-able in 1 hour.

4 reviews for Patch ‘N Go™ (8010-TR)

  1. 5 out of 5

    The Patch N’ Go got hot and then cured hard within 10 minutes. Incredible.

  2. 5 out of 5

    This product changes everything. The back to service time enables repairs without shutting down the facility. Excellent product.

  3. 5 out of 5

    The floor we repaired was a safety issue for the customer. The Patch ‘n Go worked great – really, really incredible…

  4. I was impressed with both the speed and efficiency of how your Patch n’ Go product works. I see many applications for this and other products that you make.

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