100% Solids Core Technology*
  • Still a flow-able liquid at room temperatures
  • Little to no out-gassing (little to no atmospheric impact)
  • Virtually unlimited coating thickness(es)
  • Enables higher cross-link density
  • No solvents or water – either listed or otherwise
CMT Core Technology Provides Unique Product Properties*
  • High elasticity/flexibility while maintaining high hardness
  • 100% Recovery – does not lose recovery memory over time or expansion cycling like silicones do
  • Permits multiple application methods: Brush/Roll; Cold Spray; Hot Spray; Extrusion; Trowel; & more
  • High crosslink density provides naturally waterproof materials
  • Adaptable to multiple applications, not just a single Product or Product Line
  • High Energy Absorbance Profile
  • Provides barrier coating properties while achieving both mechanical and chemical bond to substrate
Zero VOC’s & Zero Solvents*
  • Eliminates flammables and auto-ignition solvents
  • Little to no odor &ndash can be used in odor sensitive environments (schools & hospitals)
  • Meets or exceeds EPA regulations for VOC content
  • Very low shrinkage for thermoset systems (< 1%)
Creative and Technical Orientation
  • Creativity to design and ability to formulate to specific end-use applications
  • Multiple formulations since “One size does not fit all.” (all coating chemistries are NOT created equal)
  • Not limited to one coating technology – can formulate & manufacture multiple technologies
  • Active R&D Pipeline – “Designing tomorrow’s solutions today” ensures competitive edge
“Truth in Labeling”
  • No Aliphatic/Aromatic “blends” – the user can know exactly what he/she is using
Safety/Health Concerns*
  • Simply a SAFER CHEMISTRY for the User & Environment
  • CMT served as OSHA Trainer/Speaker for OSHA Enforcement Personnel
  • Very Low Monomer Content **
Customer Solutions Driven
  • A problem needs to be solved, not a customer “sold” 

* Refers to CMT‘s DYNA-PUR™ and its other polyurea and polyurea hybrid product families.

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